Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Took a little trip!

SO to start off with we went to the MALL!! My son loves to shop...he got that from his Aunt Lynda Platt!! hehe!!
SO off to sunglass shop we went...OAKLEY'S!!! $200.00 for sunglasses...I DON'T THINK SO!!
Oh, but yes he did!! But I have to admit they do look good on him!!!
He is so very handsome!!
And then we took a little trip...Off to the beach to see the vacationers!! Ganky and Pa...and the Parrish Family!! So good to have us ALL back together again!!!
Justin with Ganky, Pa and Alex!!

Justin with the Parrish family!!

And these two were SO happy to see him...Alex and Avery giving Justin some kisses!! They had a lot to make up for 7 months worth!! While on the beach Justin told Avery "I am going to bury you" Avery said "When I grow up I will marry you!" So funny!!!!

Ganky getting a quick squeeze!!!

Justin and Lisa!!!
So we went a seafood restaurant: Dirty Dicks
And these two ordered Crabs...And they ate all but one!!!

Avery just loved sitting with Justin and getting as much love from him as he could!!
Tracy even got a quick pose with him!!!

He was definitely the MAN of the night!!! Everyone wants to talk to him and hug him and we are all just so happy that he is back!!! He is bringing such joy back into my life, I love him so much and I am so happy to have him here with me!!
Today Nick will be coming in so another late night and more fun to come!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!!


  1. We sure know how to make some memories, don't we Sis? It was such a wonderful time, at the beach, sitting around in the Condo, watching the videos and dinner:) Loved it all! Thanks for making the drive and bringing Justin to see the kids! We have another busy day here! I know you all will enjoy seeing Nick come in and I would actually like to be there for EVERY troop return, what an awesome experience!

    Love you bunches and enjoy your day!

    **Tell Lisa to comment on my blog:)**

  2. It ALL looks GOOD!!!!! Know you are just enjoying every single second after so long.
    Soak it in...Hugs!

  3. Oh Ilove all of the memories you all are making! I wish I was right there with you..hey you never knwo maybe I'll justshow up ther ohhhh say about August or so ;D

    Well, you tell that Justin that Iam the shopping champ & I'l shop till we drop with that sweet Marine any day!!! My Billy Boy loves to shop too, must be a handsome than all get out "Marine Thaaaang" !!!

    Thanks for sharing that sweet fella with all of us, Loved the pics of the girls with him, and I think that Avery is one smart cookie landing a MArine, LOL!!!

    Enjoy my dear friend! I love you to pieces!!!