Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have to go...

WHAT? I have to go....I have to go HOME!!! :(
I have been with this sweet fella for a week and now I have to leave and go home!! I know we all have to get into a normal routine but golly ...I HAVE NOT SEEN HIM IN 7 MONTHS!!!!
We have laughed and cried and talked and looked at pictures and listened to every story he wanted to tell!! But the time has come that I must leave and he has to get back to his normal work day as well as the rest of us!!! I sure am gonna miss him!!!

So this morning, I get up and I load my car and I have to tell him bye!! But the BEST part of it all is that he will be home in a couple of weeks for almost a whole month!!! Oh I can't wait!!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!
Keep Praying....IT WORKS!!!!


  1. Saying a prayer for the WHOLE GANG!!!!
    Safe Trip! I am happy for you !

  2. I'll be praying for all of you! Know you can't wait for him to be home, it's right around the corner and for a month, how awesome!

    Happy I found your blog!


  3. Oh my sweet sister, I know you hate to leave! All I can say is "I am so thankful that he was returned home safely"! I Love You all and Pray that God will keep your heart happy when you leave him! Drive safely and let's start planning the welcome home party! Prayer kept him safe and prayer brought him home, I am feeling so thankful for all of that! Love you, SIS

  4. Oh Cindy ~ yup we are both one big ole HOT MESS :/ I can't stop crying!!! All of the activity here for the last 23 days was so welcome & seeing that sweet face EVERY day just made my heart melt! I was actually thinming about enlisting just so I could be with him LOL!!! I love you & I am thinking about you! Stay strong & remember LYLAS!!!