Friday, July 16, 2010

The BOYZ are back in town!!!

Lcpl. Bouchard and Lcpl. Simmons are back together!! They have been together since boot camp and they are in the same Battalion but different company! So during deployment they didn't get to see each other very much! But they are BACK TOGETHER and they are just so happy!!!

This was Britani's outfit...they tease that they are husband and wife!! She looked beautiful!!

And they were so happy to see each other!!

But this was the first HUG!!! His mama!! Such a sweet moment!! And yes...she was doing some screaming too!!! So memories we have made this week!!

See how happy she is!! She was totally beside herself!!!

And here is Bradley and Nick's Dad, Jeff Bouchard!!! They are buddies and they just love to pick on one another!!
SO another day or more done...Not a lot of time to blog or do face book or much of anything else!!! My Marine is really keeping me busy!!
So you all have a great day and see you next time!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. I was wondering how it went. Looks like you guys had another great time! I know his Momma was so happy to see him. Love you all!

  2. Oh how sweet! I would love to be there for each and every one of them to return! It was a wonderful experience seeing Justin come home! Britani is gorgeous, I know his Mom is so happy to have him back!

    Love you, SIS!

  3. Oh what great pictures! I loved the picture of the Marine & his mom :) ! I'm am so gald that everyone has had such a good time & that they are safe!!! Have a great night, LYLAS!!

  4. Wow,...they are STILL filtering in. Takes a long time to get a whole battalion in I see...
    I am so glad they got back together once again. Those guys are tight... They are a band of bonded brothers. I know it!
    Justin's two roommates are in a 3rd platoon, and he is in 4th. Those were two of the Marines he wanted me to send boxes to.
    Glad you guys are just enjoying yourselves like mad... I will have questions for you when you get back home and settled!!!!!!!!
    Hugs to you Cindy Lou. thinking of you.