Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Wet Mess!!!

This is Bradley with his FFA project....McGraw the Cow!
And just to let you know this is not just any cow...he is a very aggressive cow!! He has to be fed 2 times a day and watered as needed but lately, he has just not wanted to leave his water bucket in one spot...I guess he is hot and wants to do some swimming!!
He must be wanting to come to Gankys to the party this weekend!! :)
But anyways, He has busted 2 water buckets and keeps kicking the new one over so we were at the Barn late last night trying to dry out his pen and tying his water bucket up so that he doesn't keep his pen under water!! I know...It is hot and he may like it but the FFA teacher says we must keep it dry!!! So that is what we worked on last night and it needs more attention today!! UGH!! I have a lot to do and then McGraw is just needing our attention right now!!

SO....That is how I spent my Tuesday Evening!!
FFA meeting and working at the Barn!!!
You all enjoy your day...I am back to work for a couple of days!!! My eye is better...thanks for the prayers!!
Enjoy your day!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. What a handsome fella, Bradley too:) hehe He sure dresses nice to work with his livestock! We are a busy bunch of folks, aren't we?

    I had trouble sleeping last night thinking about Justin coming home:) Hope you have a great day and WELCOME HOME JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!

    Love you, SIS

  2. I think he is jealous because Justin is coming home. He is acting out because he thinks he slid in as the brother to Bradford while Justin was away and he caught wind of the real brother coming back! That is what I think. He needs a spankin!

  3. Woot for your eye being better ! RAH!
    You are TOOOOOO busy to have that bothering you...
    I laughed cause it looked like Bradley was man-handling that cow like a steer wrangler!
    Holding it still for mom to take the pic. HURRRY UP mom!!!!
    Gotta be hard hot work. but I bet he enjoys it.
    I would love to have a barn and animals. My mom says I wouldn't because she grew up on a farm and says it's WORK!!! but I an not afraid of HARD work. It makes you appreciate stuff more and gives satsifaction if you ask me!
    (my humble opinion! ) lol... anyhow, maybe one day, I will have a small non-working farm. dreams....keep hanging on to them, and in the meantime. YOu enjoy that dream come true of your Marine being back, Marine Mom!!!! Hugs going out to you...**ps. tell Bradley I LIKE the name McGraw - fits that cow!

  4. I have to agree with Ganky, Bradley is the best dressed ranch hand I have ever seen! Sorry that that cute little cow is giving him such trouble, tell him you'll turn him into a prime rib dinner if he doesn't knock it off :D
    Goo dluck with the cow, glad your eye is getting better! Love Ya