Sunday, April 18, 2010

And the Weekend is almost over...

So Saturday Morning I was up early and the carpet cleaners came and my house smells so fresh...I am so glad I had it cleaned!!! Then Tracy's sister-in-law Ginger is getting married and well she was having a shower all the way in Villa Rica!! And look at these girls...they are precious! They helped Ginger open every gift and helped her show everyone what she got!!

Here is a full body shot of Britani and myself...wanted you to see my shoes!!

And here is me and Britani...We had lots of fun and she is growing up so fast!! I love spending time with her. I hope she cherishes each day because mama's don't last forever!! I miss mine so much!! I sometimes feel so alone without much I would love for her to see and give me advice on and so many time I just a hug from her!! Okay...enough of my pity party of missing my mama!! I guess this deployment this doesn't just make you miss your Marine but everyone else too!! :'(

Ok well you all have a great day! Enjoy your Sunday, the weekend is almost over!!
It has been 14 days since I have heard from my Marine!! Have any of you heard or seen from him?
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Well, it was a fun time at Ginger's shower! I really enjoyed spending time with you and Britani, cute pics too! Now you know Justin calls me every day, hehe... just kidding, and wishful thinking:) When he can snag a phone, he will be calling you. Just keep a'praying, dear Sister, just keep a'praying!

    Love you and see you at Church!

  2. Don't comment much had to tell you how beautiful you and Brit looked Those two babies need to be in movies

  3. Morning, Lou. The pictures are gorgeous. I sure hope you hear from him soon. You have every right to miss your Momma. You were just a teenager when you lost her and I know that was hard. Cherish. That is all you can do! Love and hope you have a great Sunday.

  4. You two look BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the shoes...TDF :) those two little ones are so darn cute! I know that you are missing your Justin & I think that when we miss someone & can't see them it makes us miss others even more! YOu know I love ya & I'm am praying for that sweet Marine every day! GLad you had a good day, get some studying done!!!! LYLAS!!!