Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So much fun!!!

Yesterday was such a FUN day!! I had a Premier Jewelry party!!! And I am not really a jewelry person but when all was said and done I received 433.00 in FREE jewelry!! So I may learn to LOVE it!! I had a FULL house and had so much fun!! We laughed and just enjoyed it so much!!
I have school today so today is full day of studying and then to go to school for 5 1/2 hours!! I will get the phone call today to tell me what time Bradley is having his surgery tomorrow. I hope it is early cause he can't eat after midnight and well he is 16 and a growing boy!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. WOW that's a lot of jewelry! SOOOOO much fun, great snacks and pretty jewelry! Love you and text me when you know about Bradley's surgery! You know my heart will be there along with my prayers:) Have a brilliant day!

  2. I was gonna say the same thing Theresa said...that's a TON of jewelry. Wish I could've come, but it's a long way on a school night :0(
    Hope Bradley does great with his surgery and love ya lots!

  3. woot ! - you will be covered with sparkleys...
    saying a little prayer for all to go well with your Bradley, and for the doctor. Got that ice cream ready?????????????!! Hugs MM...Remain calm and carry on! :-)

  4. It was a lot of fun. I am excited about what I bought! Let me know when you find out about Bradford!! Love you!

  5. WOW!!!! I was talking to Leah later in the evening she said it was fun...wisjed I could have been there with you gals :)!!!! Please let us know how Beadley is, I know he'll be fine but I'm going to say a little prayer for him anyway oh & Justin too!!!!! I ask for The Lord to watch over him every day!!! Hoep you have a great night!!! LYLAS!!!!