Friday, April 2, 2010

Egg Hunt #1

I just love Easter!! I love the egg hunts and the thrill that all the little children get hunting them!! We had our hunt at Alex and Averys pre-school yesterday and look at them all lined up and ready to go!!! And buddy there were eggs everywhere!!
Alex took off and just started right away finding lots and lots of eggs!! I think that if they had counted to see who had the MOST Alex would have won!! her bucket was so full!!!

And Avery did a wonderful job too!! She enjoyed it so much!! A year or so ago I took them and I would hide the eggs and they would go hunt them we called it practicing hunting eggs!! An well it sure paid off!!

Here is a sweet picture of several of the children following Ganky around looking for more eggs!!

Here are my GIRLS!!! Look at all the eggs they got!!

Ales was so very proud of hers!!!

And Avery would not hardly look at me for a picture...The sun was out!!!
So I gave her my sunglasses so that I could take a picture of her looking at me!!

Well Easter Egg Hunt #1 is done and well we will have a couple more before it is all over!! You know us we celebrate everything several times!!
You all have a GOOD FRIDAY!!!
Hoping to hear from my Sweet Justin soon!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Keep praying....IT WORKS!!


  1. Great pictures Sis! Love them all and love those babies! Those little kids following me was so funny. I would point out the eggs leftover that hadn't been found yet and they would grab them. It was fun and it IS so much fun to watch them filling up their buckets. Have a blessed day dear Sister! I pray Justin gets to call today or this weekend. I packed him a box full yesterday:) and mailed it off. Love you!

  2. Oh my!!!! All of those eggs...Ganky & the kids reminded me of a momma duck & her ducklings, so cute all of them trailing about her!!! That little Avery is such a ham & egger, loved th epicture of her with your glasses! I remember practicing egg hunts with Nikky & Billy....glad you all had fun! Hope you get your call SOON!!!!!!! Have a Good Friday, LYLAS!!!!!