Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Phone Call and Computer out!!

Well I will start out with the fact that my charger for my laptop quit working and I had to go and get a new one in order to be able to get on here and do my blog!!
So now that is out of the way...The Easter Bunny came to my house and left the twins these bunnies and buckets full of goodies!! They were happy!!

Here is me and my crew ...missing Justin!! :(

Ganky and Tracy

Me and Ganky

Me and a Kelly

Me and Tracy

Autumn and Britani

Avery and Alex

Bradley and Britani

Jeff and Bradley

Granny (Brenda) and Me

Granny (Brenda)

Ok so LOTS of pictures!! We got up early and had our sunrise service and I cooked Breakfast for everyone and while everyone was eating I could here in the distance my phone was ringing!!! And oh my goodness it was this most handsome fella...

Yes....He called me and made my Easter just PERFECT!!!!

He was doing good and His I-Pod had gotten stolen and he wants me to get him another one and send it to him!!! He had gotten his Easter Basket stuff on Saturday Night and loved it all!!! He had gotten 11 packages and was in hog heaven!!! I just love him so much and I can not way for him to get his hinny back in US soil!!! My heart just aches cause I miss him soooo much!! But I was one happy mama getting that phone call!! You all have a good day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying....IT WORKS!!!


  1. Isn't it funny what we will go thru for this blog:) Love the pictures, good looking bunch for sure. Justin just made it a perfect day by calling you! Sweet fella, getting all those packages... makes me proud and I know it does you too! Hugs and happy to see that you got you a cord! Have a blessed day, love you, SIS!

  2. OH Cindy, thos epictures were just great! You have such a beautiful family & I loved the pics of you with your sisters & that cute Kelly Kelly :)...I am sorry to hear about Justin's iPod, makes me sad to think that someone would do that especially in the situation they are all in...but he got his packages & you got you a call :) I cannot wait until he is home for you to love up & of course cook for!!!!! I'm glad you had a great day! LYLAS!!!!

  3. Hi Lou! I saw this morning that your computer was not working and I just happened to stop by the computer and check and there you were! I am glad you got it fixed. We are headed to the pool. We have had a super busy day and need some down time. Not sure if we will get that at the pool, but we will see! Glad you got a call from Justin and I am so sorry his Ipod got stolen! You would think that is one of the places it would not happen! Love you and see you soon!