Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home Grown Tomatoes

11th Grade Environmental Science...Project worth 3 test grades!!! UGH!!!!

Yes a project but this time it was Britani...So we grew home grown tomatoes!!! Rain water verses Newton County tap water....The rain water one is in better condition and has bigger blooms on it!! Tap water one is big and has blooms on it but it looks a little dried up...from all the chemicals in the tap water!! YUCK!!
And here she is with the complete project poster!!
We have been working on it for months and finally finished it!! I sure hope she does good on it!!

Still nothing from Justin but "No News is Good News"!!!

You all have a great day!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Greatgooglymoogly, my favorite... yummy! Good job Britford and family:) Love you all and have a mahvelous day!

  2. I bet she gets an A for sure on that one. You'll get double rewards. The good grade and yummy tomatoes.

  3. Man, that is weird with that water. I would have never thought it made that much of a difference. Very interesting project, and I'd definitely give her an A!

  4. Well, that is scary to hear about the water we drink. I hope Britani does well on her project! Let us know! Have a great evening. Love you!

  5. Well, dosen't that make you want to go out and buy up all of the bottled water!!! I hope that Britani does well on her project & just think you'll have some fresh produce :) ~ hope you hear from Justin soon...I know he'll call & I know he's o.k. ~ BUT I'LL KEEP ON PRAYING!!!!!!! Have a great night! LYLAS!!

  6. Oh what a cool project! I'm sure she did great.
    I have missed being here and visiting everyone. I want you to know LCpl Spadaccini is on my prayer list, Justin is, and the entire 1/6.
    Hope school is going well, and the allergies are better! Hugs to you!
    (Heard very very briefly from my Justin. - bad phone connection. :-( He said the Taliban are not far away anywhere they go. They are definitely in combat zone... PRAYING...