Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I did it and I got it...

Well I did my test and it wasn't so hard!! It was open book for 4 chapters and I went trough and did the ones that I knew and then used to book on the ones that I wasn't so sure about! So...I did it!!!
And well I got it...I got a phone call!! It has been 15 days since I had heard from him and well my mind goes crazy wondering about what is going on with him!!! He was doing good...has not received mail since Easter and is wanting something from home...so pray he gets mail soon!!! I just love to hear his voice and him say that he loves me so much!! I am so glad that he is doing so well!! He now has the smallest PLT in the whole Bravo company!!! There is only 28 of them left...So many of them have been hurt or killed...I am so thankful that God has his Guardian Angel watching over Justin!! Thank you all for all your prayers!! But the bad news is he will be there for a bit longer so those prayers must keep going!!

You all have a great day...I am so happy!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I am happy you made it thru your test and SOOOOOOOOOO happy you heard from Justin! Thanks for letting me say HI too! You know how much he means to me and you are so good at sharing him:) We'll just keep on praying as long as it takes! Love you Sis!

  2. So happy he called and is doing ok, considering where he is. My package is going out today. I never left my chair at work yesterday to do my errands. Busy day. Today will be better. I hope he gets mail soon. I can not imagine having to wait for food! :( Love you and see ya soon!

  3. Glad that test is over and done...on to the next one in front of you!!!! Kudos to you student mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am thrilled for you that you heard from Justin. I am praying...for him and the 1/6. When a platoon gets too small, I hear they have to regroup and switch up... if a battalion gets too small....things change too...
    Praying God to cast His protective love and shadow over Justin wherever he and those around him walk in those dusty boots. Cloaked by God and concealed from the enemy's eye.
    Hugs to you. Julie

  4. So glad you got a phone call. Must be hard on him when he can't call, too. Praying for him!!!! Thank you for your sweet words of love and comfort on my cell and blog. You are so awesome to find time when you have so much on your plate. xoxo

  5. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I have been praying and praying that all was o.k. with Justin & that he would call you soon!!! Oh AMEN!!!!!! But.....prayers still going up up & up for that sweet Marine!!!!!

    Glad you did well on your test, I told ya you would!!! Hope you had a good!!!! LYLAS!!!!!

  6. I'm glad your test went well, and I'm so glad you heard from Justin. Prayers... prayers... and more prayers...