Thursday, April 8, 2010

I thought I was on Spring Break!!

So yesterday...It was a busy day!!
We started out at the Ortho...Poor Britani!
They put this contraption on the front of her mouth and she has to wear it ALL the time!! Well except when she eats!!
It looks painful!!
And then after that appointment I had to rush home get my stuff and head back out...Bradley had an appointment with the ENT and then I had to go to school immediately after that!
Yes he is getting his tonsils out...April 22nd 2010!!! Ouch...I know it hurts I had mine done when I was 29 and it took me forever to get over it!! But he will do fine!!

So then off to school I went!! I had my first Medical Terminology class along with another Anatomy and Physiology class!! It seems to be a little better the second class than the first it just scared me!!! But lots and lots of studying!
So not much going on today!!
Enjoy the day and don't forget to pray!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Poor Britani for the contraption and Poor Bradley for the tonsils! Your classes sound tough but I know you are too and will do just fine! Enjoy today, perhaps it will feel like Spring Break:) Love you, SIS!

  2. Oh, I had to wear my bands like that when I had my braces on ~ Nikky & I wore them at the same time :) I was 30 :) I love my teeth!!!! Poor Bradley, I'll be saying a prayer for him, that stinks but at least it will be done before the summer sets in! Glad shool is goin gwell, just stay positive!!! Remember you can do anything!!! Praying for that sweet Justin too :) LYLAS!!!!