Friday, April 23, 2010

One Sweet fella!!

Ok so I almost didn't post but he is back to sleep and I was just watching him so here you go!!
This is my Bradley...and he is one sweet fella!! He had his tonsils removed yesterday and he is in pain and I am giving him pain medicine EVERY 4 hours...even during the night!! So I am exhausted!! I don't do good getting woke up and then going back to sleep so lets just say I was up most of the night..but he is so worth it!! I don't want him to hurt!!

He is eating Popsicles, ice cream, pudding and drinking powerade! He even ate some mashed potatoes!! All seems to be well!!

You all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. He is the sweetest fella with a HUGE heart! Tell him I love him and hope he feels better real soon! Love you all! SIS

  2. RAH! Good to have that behind him...yay...
    Recovery Come ON! Hopefully by next weekend this will be a distant memory... My sister had her tonsils out in high school, and I remember her being in pain...I never had mine out, and I was the one who got strep throat over and over...go figure! Hope all goes well over the weekend, and you get caught up on some sleep!
    Hugs. :-)

  3. Oh that sweet face! I just love to see his smile :) ~ Cindy, girl you should have called me honestly my little furry girl wakes up about 50 times a's like having a baby..has to wake up to give kisses, put her paw on me, check to see if I'm awake, if I'm still there....YIKES! I could have come over and took a turn watching him for you! IF I were closer I'd come and make you a cup of tea and let you go relax......Hope he's better soon! Prayers going up! Have a good day, take a nap while he's resting!!! LYLAS!

  4. What a sweetie, hate to hear he's hurting, but hopefully it will only last a little while.
    Love y'all all :0)

  5. You're right, he is a sweetie. Keep taking good care of him and he'll be back to his spunky self soon.

  6. I'm glad that things went well, but sorry to hear he's in so much pain. It's good that he's eating. Continuing to pray.