Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

I had the Easter Egg Hunt at Church today!! Not very many showed up but they found tons of eggs and had a blast!!
Here are two the the little ones trying to get the same egg!! Not sure who got it but I do know that no one went lacking for eggs they were LOTS of them!!

Britani help Trenton and they had lots of fun!!

Alexis just decided to sit down and pick up all the eggs that were laying all around her!!

After the egg hunt we went to dinner and then home to make biscuits up ( 100 of them so far) I will make the rest when I get to church in a bit...I am cooking breakfast for the church after the sunrise service!! I boiled up eggs and made up coloring for the kids to color eggs!!

Bradley, Britani and Brittany!!

Do you never get to old to color eggs!! I am 40 and still enjoy it!! I am a little sad...Missing Justin!! :( He still enjoyed our traditions and he is really missing out on some of them since he is deployed!!! Here is a dozen that they colored and they turned out real pretty!!

Ok...So that was my Saturday and now I am off to go and do my Breakfast for the church!! I sure would LOVE to get a phone call....That would be a perfect Easter!!
Enjoy your day!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep Praying.....IT WORKS!!!!


  1. Well it looks like a fun time at the Egg hunt. Tracy's kids had an appointment for their dress fittings or they would have loved it! Justin will be here next year. He will be home forever before you know it and won't miss anymore traditions:)

    I am up but not gonna make it to the Sunrise service. I will be there at 11:00!
    Love you, SIS

  2. Looks like they had a blast!!!!! I know what you mean about missing out on traditions...I didn't color eggs this year or last year for that matter Billy always helped me so no Billy = no colored eggs! Enjoy the service & of course your breakfast! Happy Easter, LYLAS!!

  3. Beautiful eggs! Enjoy the times and traditions. My kids are all gone and I don't color eggs anymore. I miss it. Praying you hear from Justin today. If you don't ... you know he is thinking of you! Enjoy your Easter! xoxo