Saturday, April 24, 2010

Well, all my attention is focused on this boy of mine!! He has really been a trooper! He is eating mashed potatoes and milkshakes and that is about it!! He is staying under pain medication!! He just wants me to stay right with him!! And so that is what I will do until he is well!! He can't get out because I don't want him to catch anything so we will be staying in. The doctor says Tuesday should be good for him to get out and he is so looking forward to that day!! But all in all he is good!! Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!

And then on top of me being Bradley's nurse, maid and cook (MOM)...Wally got sick!!! I had my jewelry party the other night and some ate out side and threw the chicken wing bones out in the yard and well wally got one and it just about killed him!! He had to get a shot and some medication for me to give him the next 5 days and just have to keep a close eye on him!!

As I awoke this morning I was thankful to be able to open my eyes and thanked God for another day!! The weather here is stormy and it seems like it will be a good day to stay in and study and relax!! Oh, that is exactly what I will be doing!!! You all enjoy your day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Oh I love that sweet smile:) I am happy that he is doing good and he'll be up and at 'em soom. So sorry about Wally, poor fella... gotta get him better for Justin :( He loves that dog. Enjoy your day, Sis! It is a little cloudy here at the beach with a threat of rain until lunchtime. Fine with me, I am hanging in catching up on blogs! LOVE YOU ALL!

  2. Praying Bradley makes a full recovery with no germs getting around him!!! I'm sorry, but why would someone throw chicken bones in a yard with a dog. Dogs cannot tolerate chicken bones. I'm sorry and pray he will get better soon! You are definitely practicing for a nursing career! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  3. Cindy Lou...Hang in there mama....Bradley can still smile for the camera...that's a good sign!!! Glad he is coming along....and oh my sorry for da awful. YES chicken bones are a big NO NO around here. I won't even let the kids put their bones in the trash can. They go out to the garbage bin. I had a dog get a bone caught in his throat one Thanksgiving (when I was growing up) he got in the neighbor's garbage where the turkey bones were!!! My dad had to get it out...poor dad...
    I'm so glad Wally is doing okay too.
    Hope you have a restful Saturday ( a calm one!!!) HUGS...- it's cloudy here too - hope the sun comes out.

  4. I was certainly thankful for the rain today. We had a canceled ballgame and I was just fine with it! With Mom, Marc and Derek all out of town, it makes me happy they don't have to miss! Bradford looks good and I KNOW he is being catered to! Hope Wallford is better today! Love you!

  5. OH I just loved seing that face smiling away! He is just so precious! Poor Wally, poor little guy! Chicken bones are BAAADDDDD for a dog, have to say it again poor little guy!

    I so wish I was there to help you out, I'd sit with Bradley & watch Wally so you could get a nap or just sit & study!!!! Since I can't be there, here's a hug for you (((((( CINDY )))))) ~ LYLAS!!!!!