Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I Love Spring time!!! I love being able to open my windows (when the pollen isn't so bad)!!!
I love all the flowers that are blooming and I just love it all!!

But the one thing I don't like is the spring cleaning..And that is what I have been doing!!!
I have cleaned out and thrown away, dusted, polished and just getting everything cleaned!! I think I have used each one of these products!!
Everything has been closed up all winter and now it needs a good cleaning!!

I have a carpet cleaner but I thing that I really need a professional cleaning I checked around and I have someone coming out today to clean living room hall and 2 of my 4 bedrooms for only 70 dollars!!! Yayy!! I am so excited!!

SO been busy and today is no different....carpet cleaning, bridal shower and then dinner with my best friends...Rhonda and Kerry Murphy!!! :)

I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Still no phone call!!! :(


  1. Yay spring cleaning makes you feel so good and fresh. Justin will call soon. Love you and see you shortly.

  2. You remind me of mom.....she cleans and bakes and keeps so busy just so time goes fast and she doesn't have to "think on things" too much. It works. Just don't wear yourself to the bone! Praying Justin calls soon!!!! xoxo

  3. You have officially inspired me. And so........I'm OFF! to clean. Thanks MM sister, and Semper Fi!!!! Hugs! Staying Busy is definitely the ticket. Have an outstanding (as Justin would say) weekend.

  4. Ah.....spring cleaning...when you're done please come up here and help me!!!!????!!! I sure wish that Justin woudl call as do you, but he will I just know it!!!!! Stay strong & dont' do tooooo much!!!! LYLAS