Monday, April 26, 2010

Anything for him and Anatomy Test

Yesterday we did not go to church and we missed it but I want my boy to be better and rest and medicine is the way to do that!

But He did let me take his picture...He is still weak and hurting but improving slowly but surely!

And during this whole process he has gotten SO spoiled! Anything he wants I have done my best to get it for him! So he decided that he wanted chicken and dumplings and well that is what I did. I had flour from one end of my kitchen to the other end! But they were DELICIOUS!!! My Sweet Mama taught me how to make them!!
He ate them and said they were great and gave me a big hug for making them for him!
He is so sweet!!

So today is school day and I have another Anatomy test and so I will be studying and taking care of my sick fella!! You all have a wonderful day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Happy Bradley is recovering and getting spoiled! He deserves it, and what better way to recover than some good 'ole Howell dumplings:) Enjoy your day and good luck with the test! Love you, SIS

  2. Praying for you and your test! Also for Bradley! He looks kind of pathetic in the picture. Poor kid! It is a good time to show that boy some love and spoil him. Normally teens don't sit still long enough for pampering. Enjoy it while you can! love to you and yours! xoxo

  3. Ooo - my mama can COOK! I know that is what your kids say to all their friends...
    :-) No sweeter compliment! And I know your Marine appreciates it more than ever, having to be away from it.
    I have just said a little prayer for your anatomy test to be so easy for you. You study hard enough I am sure!!! Take care. ooo-rah!

  4. That is such a precious post, I sure will be praying for your Bradley, I will be back too to enjoy your blog, if you would stop by and visit this other Georgia peach too, hugs Barbara from

  5. What a sweet post and a handsome, happy son! I hope he's on the mend. Your Chicken and dumplings look delicious!

  6. Nothing wrong with a little spoiling (or a lot) every now and then. ;) Good luck on your exam!

  7. Glad Bradford is doing better and I happen to know the dumplins were GOOD! We loved them! Thanks for sharing. Love you all and have a great evening.

  8. Oh, I'm glad Bradley is feeling better..he'll be good as new in no time! I hope you were able to get some studying done, I just know you'll ace your test!!!! You're one smart cookie :)...hope you have a restful quiet night! Praying for all of you & especially that sweet Marine!!!! LYLAS!!