Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday

It was a Good Friday!!! Up and the kids went to school and I was up and got ready to go to the college to get some stuff done in the lab! I know have everything all set up and ready for me to start on Monday!! I am so excited!!

Then after that I had to go to do some running around and get stuff for the Easter egg hunt that we will be having today at our church! I have about 300 eggs for these children to hunt and prizes and we are having Hot Dogs and Chips!! It will be so much fun!!!

Then I went to the grocery store for my own house...and I also went to the post office and mailed that Marine of mine 2 boxes of goodies!! He had asked for something that I could send him that would smell like home and so I sent him his favorite little blue pillow!! I know that he will love it!! I also sent him the pound cake and peach cobbler...He will so enjoy that when he gets it!!

After all the errands were run I got home and cooked a wonderful Mexican dish...and got my car cleaned out!! So a wonderful day...errands run, packages mailed, dinner cooked, kitchen cleaned and now we are ready for another one today!!! Egg hunt #2...Pictures to come!!

You all have a great day!!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Still no phone call...9 days now!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Sounds like a busy, productive day! Love this weather and looks like it will be perfect for the egg hunts, today and tomorrow:) Enjoy your day and can't wait to hear about your first real day of school. Hopefully they will let Justin call tomorrow! I'm praying:) Love you!

  2. Well, I typed a nice long comment but BLOGGER went nuts and lost it GRRRRR!!!! Sounds like you had a very busy day! Can't wait to see pictures from the Egg Hunt...have a great night & I know you're going to be getting a call soon!!!! LYLAS!!