Friday, April 30, 2010

We are getting ready!!

Yes...We are getting ready...for what you ay ask?
The twins are going to prom Saturday Night!! I am so excited for them!!
Another Parent and I are rentin a Van and they Jeff and I get to take them and pick them up!! So we took a trip to Atlanta last night to just see where this place was and that we could get there with no trouble!! And we did!! They will be having the Prom at the Westin Down Town Atlanta...I just know it is going to be a beautiful place to have it!!

So after that we went to the Varsity...I don't remember ever going!!! It was GREAT!!!
I really just enjoy the enviroment more than anything...What'll you have????

So today is a full day...My to do list is VERY long!!

I will be out and about and then getting my twins ready for their BIG day tomorrow!! I WILL be taking tons of pictures and I WILL share them with you all!!

Also I made a B on my test Wednesday!! Yayy me!!!

Still nothing from Justin..."NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS"!!

Have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Yummy Varsity! I haven't been in a long time! Congrats on the B... I am so proud of you! Hard work pays off! I am off to mail Justin a package. Hopefully you will hear from him soon! Love you, Sis (enjoy your busy day)

  2. I'm with JOyce (hello Up there Joyce ~ hehe) CAN'T WAIT FOR PICTURES!!!!!!! Glad you had a good day, oh AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! Great job on your test :) ~ have a good night, make sure that Bradley is well rested for his night of fun..I bet that Britani will be STUNNING!!!!! Chat with you soon, LYLAS!!!!

  3. OOOh, Varsity! Wait, you said some other stuff...I need a minute to focus! :) I can not wait to see the pictures. We may be around after all. Austin has a bug! :( Seems to be fighting it pretty good, though. Talk with you tomorrow. Love to all!!!!!

  4. Congrats on the B - that's great! You're not excited about the prom are you? ;) Hopefully, you'll be talking to that handsome Marine of yours soon...

  5. HAVE FUN!!! Sounds like you will have as much as the kids do! :-)
    Hugs for a great weekend..