Sunday, April 25, 2010

I love it!!

I really do love it!! I love enjoy it to the fullest!! I don't like the cleaning up but I love the cooking!! So I just take the good with the bad and I cook!!
I got this new cookbook the other day and well I love it!!
I got up yesterday and cook a pound cake recipe out of it and then later I cooked some jalapeno bites which the recipe was in this cook book!!

I love it and will be trying more dishes out of it!!
Bradley maybe over done it yesterday... up more than he should so he was hurting pretty bad last night and this morning!! He has to get better soon they have prom next Saturday!! He has lost 11 pounds and what if his tux doesn't fit???
You all enjoy your day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Oh no, I am coming home today and I will have to cook again! I am sorry Bradley had a rough time, hopefully he will feel better today. Hey, 11 pounds... perhaps I should get my tonsils out:) Love you and we'll be leaving from the beach soon.

  2. Have Fun cooking!!! New cookbooks always inspire . Poor Bradley...take it easy!!!
    Have a great Sunday!!!!!! Semper Fi Marine Mom sis! Stay Calm and Carry On!!!! HUGS.

  3. As soon as that boy can eat, he will make up for the pounds lost! Just cook with lard next week! :) Hope he gets over it real soon. Love you!

  4. Oh Condy as soon as his throat is feeling better you'll be cooking your nubs off ~ LOL!!!! He'll put it back on, boy if I didn't have my tonsils remived when I was four I'd be going in tomorrw to have mine out...11 POUNDS!!! WOW! Well, get that cookbook out, he'll be eating like there's no tomorrow!!! Have a great night ~ praying for that sweet Marine :) LYLAS!!!!

  5. 11 pounds is a lot. The cookbook looks great!