Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Pretty Lady turned 80!!

Wow...80 years old and still getting around, well, better than me!!! haha!!
This is my Aunt Dot! She is married to my Daddy's baby brother and oh is he precious!!
She takes excellent care of him...he has Alzheimer's! :(

Here are a few cousins, my sister and a little 3rd cousin...she is so darn cute!!! I didn't even know she was born!! Our family is HUGE!!

Here is My precious Uncle Obie...He is the one waving at me!! He said to me "I was looking for you all day!!" I knew that working with people is my passion and now I just have that aching in my heart to do it!!

Here is Aunt Dot and Uncle Obie....Such a special couple!!

And this is how happy I was to be able to see so many of the family that I love so much and NEVER get to see! I really enjoyed that party!! I agreed with some of the other that we just need to get together just to visit!!

I went for my hand scan and really ended up being a very interesting thing! I am 40 and yes overweight but really did not have much at all that my body needed! Sadly to say my kids needed more than I did....But we are working on that and the vitamins will be in soon!! We will go for a check up in May and hopefully I will be doing great!!
Dinner with the Bouchards was WONDERFUL!! They are the sweetest people and and we have spent so much time together in the past few years that we are just really close!! They are part of that Military Family and they KNOW exactly how I feel most days!! I love them!!
You all have a great day!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. What a fun day for sure! Busy and not much time to just kick back and relax, but loads of fun. The hand scan sounds interesting, hopefully you will get you some good vitamins for your family:) Cute picture of you with that sweet smile:) Love you, gotta get my hiney busy. Late night and eyes a little droopy:) See ya at Church!

  2. Well, you had a busy day, too! Great pics of the party and I want to hear more about this Hand Scan deal. I do not know anything about it since I have been gone. Love you and hope you have a great day!

  3. Loved the pictures!!! Very nice looking family you have, loved the picture of your sweet uncle waving Hi!!! You looked pretty too, love your hair :) hope you have a great night, LYLAS!!!