Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ok yes it is cold here!! I know that it is suppose to be cold this time of the year but it is really COLD!!
I am beginning to think that I need one of these...But not so sure that it comes in my size!! Haha!!

This is where I would really love to be...The Beach!!!
But I must first be one of these... I love this show as most of you know and a new one started tonight!!! I love it...I am gonna loose weight with them this time! Although I don't have as much to loose as they do but I am gonna loose!!

You all have a wonderful day and stay warm!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Oh sweet Cindy, I'll have to have you up this way for a New England'll need two of tose snow suits!!! LOL!!!! It's cold here too, but listen I found this great website with all low cal things :) :) :)...I left it on my desk at work but I'll get it to you, Ichecked it out yesterday afternoon! Oh, youcan laugh but I have a giant one piece fleece zip up suit...I'll put it on and make Mr. P make a picture! LYLAS!!!

  2. OH now I know what to get you for Christmas next year:) I know it is way colder for longer periods where others live, like Lynda... but we live in the SOUTH! Love you, stay warm Sis!

  3. Cynthia, you are a funny, funny girl. That snow suit was hilarious.

    Have a good, warm day! Be thankful for an inside job.

  4. Hi. No internet, so I am blogging at work! I love that Kelly calls you Cynthia! It is very cold! I did not watch Biggest Loser last night, but I usually record and watch when I can. Hope it is a good season. Good luck with weight loss! You can do it!!

  5. I'll try to send some warmer weather your way. We're enjoying a beautiful, sunny day in Arizona. We're getting ready to go pick up my Dad and stepmom from the airport. They're flying in from Mi, so I'm sure they'll be loving this weather. lol!

    Good luck with the weight loss!

  6. Hi you! Glad to hear you get to hear from Justin so much! That is awesome! You got the cold weather now. It is dry today and in the 40's. At least it isn't raining. I'll ask God to make it snow just for ya'll!!!!