Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They were crushed!

Bradley and Britani have been saving cans for MONTHS!!! They have been crushing cans for weeks and even in the low temps they have been still crushing a few cans a day!! Look how excited they look know they were fixing to make some money!!

And they had AL OT of cans!!!
It almost filled up the wagon that I got from my dad!

And so they took them to the scrap-yard!! And well when they called and said they were on their way home...I asked (excited) "So how much did you make?" . Knowing they had A LOT of cans I thought they would say about $50.00.....But Britani's response was "A crappy $29.00!" I felt bad for them!! They were CRUSHED!!!! So not only were the cans but so were my twins!!! But I told them that it was more than they had when they got up this morning!! So needless to say we are NOT saving cans anymore!!

You all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Billy did that once until it was time to take them & he too like the Twins was very dissapointed in his earnings :) poor kiddos! oh well, at least all of the cans are gone & they have a few more dollars then they did before :) ~ have a great day, stay warm Love Ya!

  2. Well, they recycled them anyway:) Wish they had gotten more for their hard work. I save newspapers and take them to the recycle bin. It is the biggest pain in the booty but I do it anyway. I hope they stopped and spent every penny:) Love you, Sis.

  3. UMMM. want me to tell Patty? I would pay them more to recycle my milk jugs!! They do not even have to crush those!!! :) It was a nice thing to do anyway, environmentally. Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Yeah, that happened to us one time too. Jeff still crushes them. I'm not a very responsible environmental person. I sneak them in the trash when he's not looking.
    Hee hee.

  5. Aw, that sucks when they think they're getting a lot. You should still save them anyway. We save them, and once we have a bunch saved up, we take them in and use the money to pay for lunch. We usually make $20 to $30. Hey, it's free money. Why NOT do it??

  6. That's a lot of cans. Sorry they were bummed, but it's still some money. ;)