Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan. 1, 2010...bye bye!!!

Well here we go...A Collard Green Patch!!!
In my Kitchen?
Well they came from my brothers Collard Green Patch and Bradley, Britani and Brittany went over and got 6 bunches of them!!

We pulled them off the stalk and cut them up and washed them and washed them and washed them until they were not gritty anymore! And then we put them in this pot...Full huh? Well they cook down and they finally fit into this pot just perfect!! And they were perfectly delicious!!!

Well the food was all delicious and enjoyed the company of everyone!!! So stuff we all just wanted to just get in a chair and relax!! Even Wally...Ganky got in the recliner and Wally just had to get up there and join her!!!! I really don't think that Ganky is one that loves dogs but she put up with this one only because Justin loves this dog!! It was really funny because there was plenty of places to lay and he picked Ganky to lay with!!! HA!!

Alex stopped long enough to give me a quick cheese!!!

Britani was treating Avery like she was a little tiny baby!!! So cute!!!

Well January 1st 2010 is over and It was a good day!! I hope that everyone ate plenty of Blackeyed Peas and Collards!!!
We have wrestling tournament today so I have my cloths pin ready cause it is in a gym that they keep the heat on really high and it WILL be stinking!!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Those collards were DElicious!!! And might I say pretty too in your kitchen floor! Marc ate his entire plate with our ribs for dinner:) He said thanks! Love the pictures of our fun day! Similar posts again:) Love you and have a fun day!!!!!

  2. Those greens looked so yummy!!! Do you season them up? I loved the picture of Ganky & WAlly ~ that's the reason why Max is still hanging around because he's Billy's dog.....good luck, I hope that Bradley WINS!!! GO BRADLEY!!! LYLAS

  3. Those greens were so good! All of it was good, but the greens were my favorite! Derek enjoyed his plate(s) too! :) Go bradley! I hope he has a good day, although I know he was concerned about the weight deal. Stinks that he has to worry about that at Christmas and New Years. Ohh well. Gonna go see what Hobby Lobby clearance is up to!! Need.More.Trees! One in the kitchen maybe? Ha! Love you!!!

  4. You would think after living in the south for a good bit of time that I would have grown to like collard greens, but I never did. Oh well... Now, I'm in a place that eats lots of Mexican food - that I can get into. lol!

    Glad you had a good day.