Friday, January 22, 2010

I know he will be okay!!

Dear God,

Tonight I ask as a mother to bless my children as I do every night, but now I am reminding you I have a special child. This child helps to provide a blanket of protection we as Americans slumber under each night. He has decided to give his life to protect this great country of ours, and before now there was always prayer for you to watch over this child but after the terror that has struck our U.S. soil, I feel even stronger, more pleading as I pray to you. This child loves God and country and has sworn to protect her inhabitants. But, this is STILL MY CHILD who I have sworn to protect with MY life until the day I die. Now I need your help more than ever. He is no longer in my reach, and can only be reached by your hand to protect him. He may be on the oceans, above the earth or in lands foreign and hostile to him, please God, keep him safe and bring him home to me alive. Let us find peace and keep these special children alive and safe to teach future generations how important life is and how important it is to protect it. They are a rare breed, and we are the mothers who have helped to raise them. Now we are the mothers who ask for your help to protect them. Please bless all the mothers children of the world, but please remember I am a military mother and am asking you to take special care of my special child.

I ask this in your name God,

I had this sent to me by a Military Mom that has helped me so much!! She was our rock during boot camp and I wanted to share it since I have other Military Moms reading my blog!! Thanks Leah!!
As I lay my head down tonight...I know that for about 12 days I will not be hearing from Justin!! :( I knew that this day would come but it doesn't mean I have to like it!! But now my Dear Friends....The serious praying begins!!! But I have to go back to "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!!!"
And as you just read the saying above...When that phone does ring and I see that number everyone better look out!!!
So you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I'll run anybody down when that phone rings I DO NOT CARE!!!!!! That prayer was beautiful, Leah e-mailed it to me & well yes I read it at worl and had to go & hide and compose myself....She certainly was our rock wasn't she!!! Remember they enlisted but we were drafted & I couldn't think of a better group of Gals to be DRAFTED WITH!!! I love you guys, Military Moms Unite!!!!! LYLAS

  2. God knows what a special young man our Justin is and will keep him safe for us I pray. Ilove you Justin be safe Nanny loves you, your Brother and Sister, Mamma and Daddy God loves you and knows how much you love him

  3. Yep! Praying is what we do! One thing we know for sure... HE prays too:) He has a good attitude and I bet he has extra love in his heart today if he got to talk to our babies last night! So, we know as soon as he gets where he can call... he will:) Love you and we are ONE!

  4. Beautiful!
    I was so excited to talk to him last night! I am so thankful he thinks of me. I love him so! We will all be praying hard, especially Alex, who knows a special prayer that works! :) Have a good day! Love you!

  5. Wow... that was so good! I will pass it on to Marie.... our Justin's mom. What a awesome God we have! Love you! xoxoxo

  6. Love....LOVE the prayer Cindy Lou. Yes, we have to DAILY hand them over don't we? Even though we told God when they left that they were only ours for a little while to hold, and we knew that, and now they were HIS, we still are mamas. WE LOVE THOSE BABIES! You know I am praying for him. I got a little down myself reading that you wouldn't be able to hear from your Justin for a while. It just kind of gives others of us some cheer when we know another mama is connected, when we can't be for a while with our own. A common bond we have...
    Hang In There. and STAY BUSY!!! That's what I'm doing. It does make the time fly. God is watching your Justin and my Justing and all the others as they go to and fro. He will be in good Hands. Praying. Hugs.

  7. That was a beautiful prayer.

    So, what do you have planned to keep you busy during this period without comm?

    Continuing to pray...