Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pound Cake in Mason Jars??

This is my friend Leah!! Her son is in the Navy and is also now deployed!!
We are gonna work on care package pound cakes today!!!
She says we will take a regular pound cake recipe...

and put it in these half pint mason jars!!!

I can not wait to see how these turn out and send some of them to Justin!! We are wanting to do his favorite pink cupcakes too but this is my learning experience and then we will try the pink cupcakes for him!! I hope that he likes it!
You all have a good day and come back tomorrow...I will have pictures!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it! I bought the ingredients for the pink ones:) So we'll make those next week. It will be a good Valentine surprise for our fella! Love you and enjoy your day!

  2. Oh to cute ~ I love you two!!!! Have a great laughter filled day, I'll be there with the two of you in spirit!! LYLAS!!

  3. I'm all ears...
    How in the world??? :-) Heard from my Justin yesterday. He called out of the blue while I was in BJ's Club shopping. I didn't recognize the # on my cell, and was totally caught off guard. I had to ask whom I was speaking to. ( he was a little congested) He said "I'M CALLING FROM CALIFORNIA!!! ........... I said ....... JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!! my grocery list in my mind from that point on was totally lost. gotta go back out and get what I forgot. lol
    have a great day.

  4. Never heard of doing something like that. Look forward to seeing the results. I did my best to stay away from anything breakable when it came to shipping. lol!

    I used my FoodSaver for everything, and the baked goods arrived fresh every time. Which actually says a lot since some of his packages took a month or two to find their way to him.

    It was funny as the muffins and cupcakes would get a bit squished as I learned to use it. They, amazingly, bounced back up when he cut open the bags. For cupcakes, I sent the frosting in a separate baggy, so he could put it on himself. He loved it.

    Good luck with your adventure in baking. :)