Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saving $...Coupons

As most everyone knows this is my favorite grocery store!!! I just know where everything is and I am comfortable shopping there!!

And for the most part I have never been a full coupon shopper...I would use one here and there but never for every shopping trip! But for the past couple of weeks I have been getting a Sunday paper and cutting coupons and then I sat down this past Sunday and went through them and figured out which ones I could use!! And I made my grocery list!! I wanted to shop for 2 weeks because not only do I have to shop for myself but I also do the grocery shopping for Tracy and thought if I only had to go every two weeks for me that would be great!! So off Jeff and I went last night with all my coupons!!

So the results are this....

2 weeks of groceries

Total : $250.54

Kroger Plus Card : $61.26

Coupons : $24.80

Final Total : $164.48

$82.24 per week

Total Savings $86.06

Yayyy Me!!!

So now for a couple of weeks I will save up coupons again and then go grocery shopping for that 2 weeks and see how I do!! I think that it was so worth me cutting out those coupons!!

I hope that you all have a great day!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. You know, I always clip them and have a huge pile of them...I JUST NEVER REMEMBER TO BRING THEM :) I guess you have guilted me into trying one more time...I find that I buy things I'd never buy because I have a coupon...I'm BAD LIKE THAT!!!!! Well, I guess I'll give it another go ~ I'll let you know how I do :) Have a great day, LYLAS!!!!

  2. Wow! That was great! I am proud of you! Lots of people get their groceries just about free by using coupons! It takes time and thought but worth it... Go girl! Love you, Sis

  3. Good girl, Cynthia! I'm like Linda. I cut them and then forget them, then get mad at myself for forgetting them, so it's always been a source of frustration for me. Glad it worked for you. You're quite resourceful, aren't you?

  4. You go, GOR! Great job! I have been keeping the coupons out of the banquet meal box. I know to most, that may sound silly, but there are alot of coupons in there! :) I should be clipping too. Maybe I will start! Love you and have a great day!

  5. I've thought about doing it... you are incentive! I need to and Theresa sent me a coupon holder! Thanks for the unintentional push! xoxo