Friday, January 8, 2010

I am sad!!!

I am sad!! I was not hoping to wake up to all this but was hoping that it would snow a bit!! They predicted it and well it just didn't happen...well not here anyways!!

Oh well...Maybe we will get snow next time!!! I will just keep thinking positive! I guess I could go visit Lynda and play in it with her!! And if we don't get any I may just have to do that! Or you could put some in the mail for me!!! Haha!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that I got yet another phone call from Justin!! He is just so precious for calling home so much...I love him!! Also I got another phone call from a young man that Justin went to school with and is in the Marines also and he was calling to give me his address and to let me know that he is leaving for his deployment tomorrow!! Please keep him in your prayers also...Andy Xiong.

You all have a great day!! And if it does anything I don't think it will look like my picture but a girl can dream right!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I know, no snow... well not much! Happy Justin lets you hear his sweet voice:) He is a fine young fella! Love you and have a blessed day!

  2. I prayed for snow... maybe it isn't time yet? Sorry, there is a reason for all things. Keeping Justin in our prayers too!

  3. You can come up here and play in the snow ANYTIME :)!!!! I am so happy that Jsutin is doing well, I know you miss him & he does too, that's why he's callign you up so that he can put a twinkle in your eye & a song in your heart!!! You're doing great, and remember I Love Ya Bunches!!! Hey, how are your new shoes working out???? O.k., gonna' scoot...LYLAS!!! Hugs to everyone!

  4. I'm dreaming of snow as well, but I KNOW it's not going to happen here. Then again, my hubby had snow in Iraq, so I guess it COULD happen. lol!

    Glad you were able to talk to Justin again.