Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Storm, Dinner and Sleeping tight!!

Well I don' t really think that you could call this a snow storm!! But is was pretty, what little we did get!! I enjoyed the day with the kids and hanging around the house staying nice and warm!!

Then we went to dinner with Leah!!!
Her son Jonathan is in the United States Navy...and is home for pre-deployment leave!! :(
This is a picture of Jonathan on the left, Leah in the middle and another Sailor...Chris on the left!!
It was great and really enjoyed visiting with them!!

And then after we got home and got all toasty warm and this is the way Jeff and Wally spent the rest of the evening!!! It is sooo cold out that it felt so good once we got home!!!

It was a great day and enjoyed every moment of it!! I will be staying in again today...The temps are too cold for me to get out!! You all have a great day and stay warm!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Glad you guys enjoyed your snow day! It was pretty but I really don't like it when I am stuck at home:) Looks like you guys had fun at dinner. It drove me nuts trying to remember Daddy's ship name...aarrgghhh. I finally found it, but it took me a while! Cute picture of Jeff and Wallyford:) Enjoy your nice warm day! Love you Sis

  2. Look @ Leah & her baby boy!!!! She must have been bursting at the seams, LOL!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Jeff & Wally ~ so cute, he's all curled up in a little should put that on your facebook & tag Justin on it so the next time he goes on he can see it, they will be on his wall :) that way he'll know that Old Wally is getting some loving!!! Saty warm, I will :) LYLAS!!!

  3. That's the perfect amount of snow. You can watch it come down... but still get around. ;D Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. LOL, does he know you posted that pic??

  5. I'm blog inactive this weekend. I have had some sort of stomach bug since yesterday afternoon! Yuck! I love the pictures. We had a fun outing in the snow and everyone was not snowed in. Austin was still able to play in his basketball game, which I missed :( and he got to go to guitar lessons. I love the picture of Jeff and Wallyford! Too cute. Have a great evening. Love you.