Friday, January 29, 2010


FRO...Family Resource Officer!!
And when her name shows upon the phone...well lets just say I panic!
Yesterday the phone rang and well it was a recording from her!!
1/6 has had several casualties and the families have been notified so they were informing the rest of us!! I so badly want to hear from Justin!!! I wonder what he saw and how he is??
So I pray that my phone will ring and it will be this sweet fella!!
He has packages on the way and we got stuff to pack up and send!! I hope that everyone has a good day and please pray for those families!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I AM praying constantly for Justin! I woke up at 2AM and couldn't get him off my mind! I prayed until I fell back to sleep. I feel sure you will hear from him today or this weekend. We KNOW he will call as soon as he gets back to base:) He knows we are all worried about him. You know what else, HE PRAYS TOO! Sweet Marine! Love you, Sis

  2. Yeah, and I just remember what he said at church before he left. That he was NOT going to die in Afghanistan. I have faith, Cindy, and I believe God will bring him back to y'all safe and sound.

    In the meantime, we have to be in constant prayer for every one of our troops over there. And pray that each and every one of them gets back to their base and calls their mamas!

  3. He'll call, as soon as he can he'll call ~ we're praying for him and all of our Troops every day. I fall asleep thinking about Justin and all of them every night and hope and pray every second that they are all o.k. both in body & in spirit! All we can do is wait and pray & we're all right here praying with you, so no worries for now just know that we love you so much!!!! LYLAS

  4. Father.... we know You have a plan for each of our lives.... and You have a plan for your child, Justin. We know You are using Him wherever You place him and that he will glorify You! We ask Your protection around him, God! Guard his body, his heart, and his mind. Let Your glory shine through him and let him be a comfort to others. I pray for Cindy and the family... comfort them and give them peace as they wait for Justin to call. Open the lines of communication, please! We love You and thank You for Your love and protections! In Jesus Name, Amen

  5. Cynthia, I also fell asleep praying for him and all our troops. I feel so sad for those parents. I can only imagine how you must feel when that phone rings. But your faith will bring you through, and Justin will call very soon. Keep us posted and I love you!

  6. I am praying....for his personal safety, the battalion, and their mental/emotional state, as I know this is a blow, and takes its toll.
    Praying for God to give Justin strenth in his spirit, and to stay tight with His Lord, and be an uplifter to the others.
    Thinking of you...I know I will be in your shoes soon.

  7. I am so sad for those families. One of those young men was 19! That is so young!!! So very sad. We are praying over here and I know he will call as soon as he can! You know that! Love you and have a great weekend.

  8. You know that I'm praying not only for Justin but also for you. We pray daily for all of our troops and well as for the leadership over them.

    I can promise you that the Lord will provide for all of your needs and Justin's needs. He will give you strength and comfort during these times of stress and fear.