Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mail Box for all my letters!

Well for a while now we have had a mail box that the door was broken off and sometimes it would rain and my mail would get wet!! But now that I am getting letters from Justin I DO NOT want them to get wet!!! Well now that Jeff is not working we have worked out a few things that need to be done and this was the first thing on the list!! They painted the post...

and put up a nice new mail box!!!! Didn't Bradley and Jeff do a wonderful job? I think so and I am so excited to get my letters from Justin!!!
And look at this cute little Apron that Jeff got for Christmas from Tracy!!! He cooked out on the grill for the first time because the weather was absolutely beautiful!!! I wish it would stay like this forever!! But I know that sometimes it has to rain and sometimes it has to snow, but I do love this weather!!!

Well it was a wonderful day! I hope that everyone else did too!!
Have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I love the picture of the two of them looking back at you, it looks like they are saying LADY WE ARE BUSY HERE!!!! They are so handsome! Jeff looks like he should be on The Food Network with his own grilling show, bet he could beat Bobby Flay any day ;)Glad you have some nice weather, Love the new mail box ~ hope it gets full up with letters!!! LYLAS!

  2. Love the new mailbox and the two handsome workers:) Jeff looks great in his Christmas apron. The weather was gorgeous yesterday and looks to be another good one today! Love you and Happy Tuesday!

  3. Great new mailbox and even better mail box installers! I LOVE the apron! What super sweet and thoughtful person had an apron ordered with his name on it?..ohh wait... it was ME! Cute. Glad you guys enjoyed the day. Love you!

  4. Nice mail box... fitting for Justins letters now. I think Lynda and I deserve our own category on your reads list.... like "Extended Family" or "Special people in my life" or something. What do you think? lol! Love you and I am so thrilled you get to hear from Justin so much! I know it gives you peace and happiness. xoxo