Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Empty Shelves

So Yesterday I went back to work for the first time in the New Year! Got lots done and then after work off to the college I went!! As most of you know I just got my GED and now I am ready to move on with my education! I have decided that I want to be an LPN. And so now my next step is to go and get approved for the Financial Aide and then also I have to take a compass test!! But anyways I will get it all done and start the class in the spring...March!!
After my trip to the college I had to go to the Grocery Store. I started my change in eating habits today and I needed healthy food!! So I went here:

My favorite store to grocery shop!!! And well the Temps are really cold around here and they are saying we may get some snow stuff this week and well the store shelves showed it!!

So I got the things that I had to have and stood in line for a good long time because everyone in Covington was there!!! I can promise you if they mention snow in Georgia...we all rush out and get milk and bread!! Because if it does snow none of us can drive in it so we have to stay home. We can't hardly drive when it rains!! HAHA!!!
So you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Good Girl! I can't believe those shelves were empty already. I guess I best getteth my hiney to the store today after taking Autumn to school. I have milk and bread but need a few other things. We do come to a stop in the snow down here in the south. I know it is mighty cold out there this morning and I have to get out in it.... brrrrrr. Love you and stay warm:)

  2. Oh, that sounds like New England....during the big storm of 1978 nobody believed the news broadcasts that we were due to get a big storm...well my mom being a bit nutty always kept everything STOCKED....we were snowed in ~ mind you it had already snowed quite a bit where we were living, at the base of MT. Tom in Western Mass. on a Air Force Base ~ after that storm we could open our bedroom windows on the second floor and jump out into the drifts and not get hurt BUT WE DID GET INTO TROUBLE!!!!!! oh well...look out for the crazy drivers!!!!!! LYLAS!

  3. That's how we are with snow up here! We have lots of hills and tend to panic when it snows. I basically shut down. lol! Good luck with that! xoxo

  4. I went to the store last night about 9 o'clock and there was NO ONE there. I guess everyone was home in their nice, warm house. I had to go out for cat litter.

  5. Well, I keep postponing my grocery store trip. It's just too cold, and I don't want to deal with the loading and unloading :0(
    But I think today must be the day; otherwise my family will be eating baking soda and vinegar on stale saltine crackers for supper!