Sunday, January 17, 2010

Say Cheese!!

I had a good bit going yesterday but the best part was I woke up to Justins voice again this morning!! I had a lot of cooking to do we had a Jubilee at church and Jeff and I are the events coordinator and so I was in charge of the food!! I got all of it done and quickly got all fixed up so to be ready to go, because Justin was suppose to be on web-cam and then I was gonna have to leave quickly, so while waiting on him I figured out that my web-cam takes pictures!! Oh and I had a blast...I took probably 25 pictures of myself!! Here are a couple:

and me again!!!

It was just fun playing with the camera!! Justin never made it to the web-cam so I had to leave and get my stuff ready for the Jubilee!!! And while there....He called me!! I know I am so blessed to hear from him so much and there will be times during this deployment that I may not hear from him for day/weeks so for now I will just hold on to every chat, phone call or message I may get!

I hope that you all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Great pictures! Love the sound of Justin's voice thru you and it is always great to hear what he has to say thru you! BUT... this morning I GOT A CALL TOO! I was so excited, we talked for 14 minutes! OMG what a sweet Sunday morning:) Love that fella! Enjoy your day, I already have!

  2. Feeling a mama's excitement and the joy that bubbles up in you... we all know that "feeling". Hoping for a call myself from California. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!
    Loved your pics. :-) :-)

  3. Loved your pictures, I was laughing to myself because I did the same thing when I figured out that I could take pictures with my silly! I know that if you are the events coordinator then they had a good meal :) I'm so glad you got to hear from Justin again, yahooooo!!!!!! Have a great night, Love YA!

  4. You look faaabulous daaarling. ;) Glad you were able to talk to Justin again. :)