Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentines for Justin

Another package packed and ready to go!! I loaded him down with all kinds of Valentines stuff!! This picture is not what I put in his box...But I did put a good bit of stuff in it and I sure hope he enjoys it!! I have to go ahead and get it in the mail, because it seems to take about 2 weeks for him to get the packages!! So off to the post office I go!!
He gets lots of packages I know and I am sure that he get pleasure in all the goofy stuff I send!! But I just want him to have as much stuff as he would have if he was home!! I love to hear him say...I got your package today!! He seems so excited!!
Still nothing from him but "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!!"
I have a wrestling tournament all day today with Bradley!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Yummy looking goodies:) Love the bears! I slept in this morning and JUST got up, coffee is like mud... yuck. But I got a good night's sleep! I am going later this morning to mail my package. Love you and we will hear from him soon:)

  2. Yes, no news is good news, isn't that what they told us when the boys were in Boot? So we'll just keep it in our hearts that all is well!!! I know he loves to get those packages, so special to know that he is so loved, you are a one of a kind momma :), hope you have a great day, chin up & know that I am thinking of you! LYLAS!!

  3. Staying busy is the key! Your days pass faster don't they? In a blink you will hear his voice again. And he'll be talking to you while stuffing chocolates in his mouth. :-)