Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Weekly Menu

A Week at a Glance~~~ MENU~~~

Monday: Spaghetti

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken
Mac & Cheese

Wednesday: Hot Dogs
Cole Slaw
Oven Baked Fries

Thursday: Salmon
Green Beans
Brown Rice

Friday: Pot Roast w/ Carrots Potato's and Onions
Crowder Peas

Saturday: January Jubilee at church

Sunday: ??
Well this is my Menu for the week and will hopefully be able to post it each Monday!! I try not to cook so much on the weekend but will probably end up doing some cooking. I would love to get new recipes and hear what you fix that keeps a diet interesting!! UGH...I don't want it to get boring!!!

Have a great day!!!
~Till Tomorrow


  1. I have made a grocery list and have included some great new recipes from a cookbook Mom gave me. I can not wait to try them. Your menu looks really good. That is the kind of things we are eating too. I try to do as many veggies and beans as I can to fill me up! I think posting the meal is a great idea! Have a great day! Love you!

  2. I've got lot's of them my friend....I'll post a few up for you :) a few things that help me to keep on track....drink plenty of water if you don't like plain old water try the carbonated stuff from Wal-mart zero calories and makes you feels refreshed, have lots of veggies that you can snack on, keep some of those 100 calorie snacks or those Skinny Cows on hand for those moments when you feel like you need a treat and remember if you want it have it just walk a few extra steps :) we'll be bikini beautiful by the summer...LOL...anyway I do have a lot of good things to share and some tips that help me...I'll post them up for you...Love Ya!!!

  3. Well, sounds good to me! I have to grocery shop today for a few things... I think I'll just print out your menu:) Love you and have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. Hey, Cynthia,
    What time should I be there for BBQ chicken?
    Love ya!