Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hat day!!

Ok, so yesterday when I went to pick the girls up at school they told me it was gonna be hat day tomorrow(today)!! So Alex quickly said we need to go get me one!! And she said I think Target has them!! SO off we went!!
Avery picked out this hat!!!
Alex picked out this hat!!!

But then Alex said they need to be silly hats...So we got to the kitchen table and made these hats!! Not sure which one they will wear today but either way they have a hat!! :)

And I tell you they are precious in which ever one they do wear!!! We had fun...they love crafts!! Alex said "Cindy...Can you make sure you get all the cleaning done before we get home from school so we can do this every day!!" So I told her I would try!! We did have fun but can't do much cleaning while scissors and glue and little tiny pieces are laying out so I guess I will be cleaning quickly in the mornings so that we can do a craft several afternoons a week!!
You all have a great day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. They DO love crafts and they are soooooo cute in both hats! I was wondering where you were this morning! Glad you are OK... this blogging makes us keep up with each other, huh? Anyway, have a wonderful day! Is it five days yet:) Love you!

  2. Those hats are adorable. The Target ones and the homemade ones. I can't decide which I like best. You're the best!

  3. I LOVE the hats. They were very proud of both hats (homemade and Target). They were really torn this morning on which one to wear to school! Thanks for crafting with them. They LOVE craft time. Have a great day!

  4. OH my here you are!!!!! You're my first read every morning so please post a warning no blog this morning if you can't post first light of day!!! LOL!!! Seriously, I was worried and picked up my phone about 15 times but I kept telling myself that if you needed me you'd let me know!!! Then I saw you on facebook & was able to exhale :).....always thinking of you and Justin.............Oh yeah, LOVED THE HATS!!!!! Call me then next time you craft, I'll be right over!!! LYLAS!!!