Thursday, January 14, 2010

Won't you be my neighbor?

Well I am getting a new neighbor!! Seleena Freeman...I went to school with her and she had a baby by my cousin and now we are gonna be neighbors!! Well not next door but she is moving in up the street and I am so excited!!

I had went and got my oil changed yesterday and my car has a pulley loose and so now I have to deal with that...but thankfully it is under warranty! I also went and mailed Justin a package...He was online yesterday and I missed him, but he left me a message and said that one of his friends has not gotten a package and if I could mail him one it would mean the world to him!! So Ganky, Tracy and myself all pulled together and I went and mailed him a package too!! So now his friend will get a good size box filled up and it was sent out the same day as it was asked for!! Poor fella!! I love my son, and I can not imagine sending my son a package...they have been gone almost a month!! :( But that's one down and six more to go!!! :)

Well you all have a great day!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Don't you just hate spending miney on cars and things like that when we could put that money to goo duse (LIKE BUYING CLOTHES :) :) bags, shoes!!!) ~ hehehehe I read about that fella on Ganky's blog, I couldn't imagine not sending packages to my Billy, maybe his momma just doesn't have the money to do it, I'd like ot think that was it and not that he was forgotten about. makes me sad....o.k. gotta scoot, Love Ya, hugs to everyone!!!!!

  2. So glad we could help make someone happy! Justin is one amazing young man! You should be so proud, not only of him, but yourself for whatever it is you did right with him! Of course, he has a pretty good family, too! He is truly a good person! Definitely has what it takes to be a leader over there!! Love you and see you soon! My "Taxi" will be warm! ;)

  3. I don't know this friend of yours but she is mighty cute! I enjoyed being a part of sending the box of goodies to Justin's friend:) Hope your car will be fine, yell if you need a ride! Love you, Sis

  4. Sadly, not all mommas are as supportive of their Marines as you are. I think it's wonderful that you stepped up to take care of Justin's friend. It means the world to them to received mail and packages. :)

  5. Cindy Lou,
    Coming over from your sis's blog, which I visited after reading about her on Barb's blog Bella Vista. (got that???) Anyhow, I commented to Theresa, and told her your Justin sounded just like my Justin, also a Marine!!!!
    In California for final workup (twenty-nine palms, ya know) before leaving the first part of March. Dreading it, but know he will be as ready to go as ever. Your Justin is now on my prayer list, and I will also pray for him in our Military Mom's prayer group in my church.
    What is your last name if you don't mind giving it to me to put him on the prayer list.
    God Bless....Semper Fi.... and OOO-RAH! God bring em all home safe and sound - with honorable and righteous hearts and confident mindsets. Sister Mom of a Marine. - Julie